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Big Brother 22: All Stars – Episode 1

It’s Back! Big Brother is officially back for a historic All Stars season. It’s been 14 years since the first All Stars season and what a perfect time for a return than right now. As we’re all locked away in our homes, still practicing social distancing due to COVID-19, we have a new found respect for exactly what the Big Brother house guests are going through this time around. And we get to watch it all unfold on the 24/7 live feeds.

The first episode was interesting. First, it was a live move-in. Secondly, we got to see our favorite house guests donning facemasks as they entered the houses in groups of 4, divided by gender. Upon entering the BB house, they immediately were competing against each other for 2 spots to advance to the final leg of the first Head of Household competition.

This first HoH competition was not without controversy. The women faced undoubtedly tougher challenges in advancing. The house guests had to find the room containing a certain image on the wall and then navigate a ball through a maze. However, both group of women had the farthest holes to get the ball into. And the caveat of this challenge was there was a 4 minute time limit which meant in both groups of women, only one advanced. Where as in both groups of men, which had easier holes, 2 men advanced.

Ultimately, Cody ended up becoming the first HoH. And the big twist was the losers of the final leg of the HoH competition all got envelopes to open. Upon opening the envelopes, they learned Christmas won $5,000 while the rest of the runner-ups became the first Have-Nots of the season. To say this “twist” was anti-climatic is putting it lightly.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the live move-in episode. Due to the nature of being live, it was dominated by the first HoH challenge with very little interaction between the House Guests. And there was also a technical issue that prevented the Have-Not room from unlocking. All in all, it was great for Big Brother to be back, and I’m highly looking forward to this season but the live move-in was a bit underwhelming. I understand given the circumstances of having to isolate the cast and pending test results, that the appeal of the live move-in was simply revealing the cast. But I hope for future seasons, they don’t continue this.

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